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Terra International Realty is a property search engine connecting agents and clients globally. It is a one-stop website and an app for property that one can buy and sell at anytime.

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Project Overview

We intend to provide a solid communication channel between agents, clients, and users. We also offer a perfect base for agents for marketing and managing clients. We surpassed their expectations, as visible from the testimonial.

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Builder often suffers from low turnaround rates dues to poor sales knowledge. They also didn't understand the repercussions of the mismanagement of assets.

Terra is a property search engine, so the users' data should be on the website for a better experience.

Property listing had to align with the user's needs. All the listings should have real-time location features, pricing, and more.

Terra provides customized agent membership plans to suit their business needs.

Terra now has a sophisticated payment gateway integration supporting multiple transaction options.

Search Optimized Property Listing

The homepage has a search bar where the user can fill in their desired location for property viewing.

Within each place, users can further narrow down their search using filters like:

  • Listing Type: Sale, Rent, or Vacation Rental Property
  • Vacation Type: Sell, Rent, or Rental
  • Address Location: Users can search for each vacation place
  • Pricing: Currency-based adjustable prices for easy understanding
  • Beds & Baths: Users can save their searches and get personalized notifications whenever any listing matches their search.
  • Users can save their searches and get personalized notifications for any matching listing.
ui ux design
ui ux design
Property Detailing: Photos & Description
  • HD quality listing of properties helps you in the best view of each room and surroundings.
  • Users can save any properties and share them via various social media platforms.
  • Textual description of amenities, nearby services, and landmarks listed for a better experience.
Financing & Payment
  • Users can avail of EMI and loans claimed within THM finance for property acquisition.
  • Easy Calculation of monthly and yearly installments for users. It includes fields like payment, interest rate, and loan duration
  • With payment integration, the user can pay and generate an invoice for the transaction.
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Multiple Payment Gateway

A sophisticated payment gateway integration supporting multiple options for transactions.

(a) Users can raise a query about a particular property anytime.

(b) The query is directly handled by the agent who owns the property. The questions and answers are supported in 2 ways: email and in-app chats.

(c)Every time a query has been answered, the user gets an email and a push notification. Similarly, agents also get notifications whenever any question is raised.

(a) Instead of filling up places or addresses, users can find their property on a map.

(b) The map is designed such that whenever the user moves the cursor over an area, properties are within 100 sq/km. Area pops up in the property listing.

(c)The lists automatically update when the user moves his cursor to another point.

(a) A dedicated dashboard that includes:

  • Active Listing, Favourites, Views, and Enquiries
  • Client inquiries can be directly handled: thus, easy and fast services.
  • Inquiries are labeled as “Pending” and “Answered” for better visibility.
  • Properties are categorized as Published, Pending, Expired, and Draft phases.
  • (b) A separate listing of each category of properties gives agents more control over their property management.

(a) Agents can advertise their properties within the app just like Google Ads.

(b) Also, they can buy an android or ioS compatible app from Terra’s app for better property dealing priced as:

  • Android only
  • iOS only
  • Android & iOS both

Glimpses Of our work

Here’s a Collection of our Prime Projects

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Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’s Application Management Platform for digitisation and efficient management of subsidy release proposals for Waste to Energy & Biomass based Cogeneration Projects in India.



Nrivesh brings together NRIs and Indian realtors on it’s powerful platform and devices an easy way to evaluate, buy, sell or rent properties of different types and sizes.


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Client Testimonia

Clients Testimonials

What our Clients have to say About us


Overall, I had a very positive experience, with the company showing great care and responsiveness in their work. We hired the company to build a more user-friendly platform for our races to manage the registration process. I found the company's genuine care and responsiveness to be the most impressive aspect.


Ian Campbell

Chief Executive Officer at Run The Day


I had a great experience working with Quokkalabs, I hired Quokkalabs to design and develop a responsive and adaptive cross platform app. The team is responsive and attentive, understood my requirements, and developed the app to my specifications and needs. Design team came up with great design specs based on the needs and understanding the concepts. The elements they incorporated in picking the colors, fonts and style reflected the mood of the platform.


Lohith Thaduru

Founder at T3M Technology Corp


The Quokkalabs team collaborated closely with our team on our cyber security mobile application on Android/iOS, seamlessly integrating into our R&D department. They consistently demonstrated high-quality work and a strong work ethic throughout the product development process, and we found that their team culture aligned well with ours.


Ruchir Shukla

Managing Director at Safehouse Tech


Quokka Labs supports the client to have a working app. The team meets the client's requirements and adds value to their product. Quokka Labs has a wonderful design team and delivers work on time or before deadlines. The team answers the client's inquiries in a timely manner.


Jeff Gillis

CEO, Winelikes


Quokkalabs has delivered everything on time and according to the client's specifications. Accommodating and reliable, they maintain a consistent communication cadence and are quick to attend to all of the client's needs. They remain transparent, professional, and personable.


Allan Restrepo

Founder, StarFarm


The team delivered a stable app ahead with increased uptimes, communicating effectively with the internal team. Quokka Labs treated/tackled the project problems as if they were their own. They endeavored to improve features and always keep the end-users in mind.


Faisal Mahmod

Founder RadioBuzz


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Our Awards and Recognitions

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