Ministry of New and Renewable Energy ( MNRE)

MNRE is a joint venture between the Government of India and the European Union to make ways for private service providers to initiate bio-energy projects sustained under the aegis of the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy.

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Quokka Labs fulfilled the aspirations of GOI and EU by preparing a robust and scalable web application to make the entire proposal submission, approval, and subsidy release process between the developer and the MNRE hierarchy paperless and hassle-free. The aim was to seamlessly make both the parties aware of each other’s progress and hence benefit from avoiding confusion to implement the project proposal successfully.

Project Categorized In Two Schemes

Biomass-based Cogeneration

Promotion of Biomass-based Co-generation in Sugar Mills and other industries in the country. Establish Biomass Producing projects in operations by releasing suitable Central Financial Assitance ( CFA).


The program aims to establish biomass energy recovery in power grids. For starting the installation of large-scale projects, MNRE releases CFA and Grants-in-aid.


Building the Bio-Energy Application Portal required realizing the existing application processing method and singling out the loopholes arising. Some challenges faced were:

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Zero Accountability

Both parties suffered from the know-how of each other’s processing work. It resulted in frustration and delay in multiple stages of application approval.

Unprecedented Errors In Filling Up The Application

Any application submitted by a private party is bound to have one or several crucial pieces of information missing, as users may not know what and where to put it.

Data Mismanagement

Since the project involves step-by-step sanctioning, commissioning, and subsidy release processes, approvals at different levels are inevitable. Here the application is to be accessed by various stakeholders in the ministry. Data may be lost or morphed at any stage.

Paper Application Unsustainable

The paperwork application often led to files getting stuck at some point due to slight faults or delays at several stages of this procedure.

Key Features

The design of the portal came out after an in-depth analysis of various successful application management systems. The features support seamless management through continuous communication between the administration and the applicant.


Intuitive Design

The portal is easy to understand and use. The how-to guide and learn more section help guide both customers and installers through the entire process.


Quick And Easy Registration

Registrations are as easy as opening an email account


Centralized Documents/Aggregating Information

It is the central repository where all the documents are stored chronologically.


Constant Tracking & Monitoring

Efficient application tracking and monitoring at every stage.


Fosters Communications

The portal notifies the users (Consumers, Installers, DISCOMs, and SNAs) at every stage of the process via SMS and email.


Accessibility Across All Digital Devices

The portal is accessible from all the latest devices.


Due to the digitized system, the end-to-end management of the application processing will significantly reduce the time taken for the approval of any project. Moreover, the digital platform allows easily sharing of suggestions or comments with the applicant.


Reduces workload of the approving authority

The efficient workflow reduces the tedious task of sifting through paperwork for approval.


Optimizes the process

Repeated steps have been streamlined and optimized, reducing the overall implementation time.


Presents information logically

The steps have enabled self-service.


Minimizes paper processes

Digitization of forms & workflow has minimized paper processes considerably.


Zero-error workflow

Digitized workflow ensures an error-free process.


Support data analytics

Data stored in the portal may ‌ assist the development of new schemes and policies.


We enhanced the user experience by aesthetically designing the portal’s user interface with intelligent UI/UX design while keeping usability and utility paramount.

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faisal mhamood
faisal mhamood
faisal mhamood
faisal mhamood

Digitizing & transforming Bioenergy Application Management across India


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The team delivered a stable app ahead with increased uptimes, communicating effectively with the internal team. Quokka Labs treated/tackled the project problems as if they were their own. They endeavored to improve features and always keep the end-users in mind.


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