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QL has JavaScript Professionals to help you with your projects - from building an interactive website from scratch to enhancing existing web apps and websites. With that, you'll also have an opportunity to find experts in CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, and more!!

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Hire Dedicated Javascript Developers From Quokka Labs

For millions of users, from SMEs/SMBs to large enterprises, startups, and entrepreneurs, we provide top-notch services and help turn their ideas into reality. We're among the best JavaScript developers in India, where handpicked developers ensure excellent uniformity in hiring. For all your development goals, we do not compromise while gauging professionalism and transparency. At QL, we measure our clients' passion and preferences neatly.

5+ Years of Quality Management Experience

With over 9 years of experience developing mobile apps and websites, we never hesitate to engage with your JavaScript needs. Our JS developers undoubtedly contribute towards fulfilling your dream with utmost sincerity.

Work Closely with JS Developers rather than Generalists

Two-way synchronization helps both - you and us. A JavaScript professional that you hire from QL will happily assist in your dream project to complete it effectively.

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Source Javascript Talent Right at your Fingertips

QL's JavaScript developers are more than qualified to work with various enterprise-grade challenges.

What QL can do for you


Choose from our pool of top 2% talented JavaScript developers across different skills and scale up your team/business operations effortlessly.

Strong Profile Creation

We let you explore your next JS developer's strengths and weaknesses with our in-depth resume creation and analysis so that it's less time-consuming and cost-effective to get along with the developer.

Vetting of Developers

We have a talented pool of engineers and vet them based on their apparent skills and offer you the top 2% of them for your next project.

Onboarding of Developers

We don't onboard software engineers/software developers without finding a match between your requirements and their skill sets. It helps you and us to ensure smooth onboarding.

Tools for Collaboration

With us, you get more than enough visibility into our JavaScript developers to automatically track their work & time spent on your project.

Why hire a JavaScript/JS developer?

JavaScript or JS is an open-source programming/scripting language and finds its use in the development of Web, Web Browsers, Web Apps, Websites, and other non-browser environments for millions of people craving to explore the online world.

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Skills you must look for in a JavaScript developer

There's no need to get all worked up and worried about not being able to find and select the right JavaScript developers; this brief run-down should help you get some ideas. A professional checking off most of these requirements can be considered a good fit:

Expertise in front-end development practices

JavaScript uses a framework that helps create interactive web elements while also acting as a bridge between the server and client-side of the web services. Hence, it is required that professionals are well-versed with front-end development and practices and are reliable JS developers. So, look for JavaScript developers with thorough knowledge of CSS and HTML.

Deep knowledge of various platforms & browsers

Awareness of developing technologies play a vital role in the success of your project. Thus, developers need to know different platforms and browsers to ensure rapid and error-free development.

Hands-on with different Libraries and JS Dev tools

Popular web browsers primarily support JavaScript since it has become one of the most efficient languages for web app development. Several frameworks and libraries have been developed for JS to streamline and speed up the app development process.
Thus, a JS developer must know code-reduction methods and data rendering. So, when looking for hiring JavaScript developers, check whether they have experience using toolkits such as:

  • Ember.js
  • jQuery
  • Meteor
  • Polymer, etc.
Knowledge and understanding of different databases

Writing a clean and efficient code won't help run and launch an application successfully. Thorough knowledge and experience of databases are required to store data and host the application. So, when scanning for JS developers, look for developers that are amazing at handling SQL databases like:

  • MySQL
  • Posters
  • MongoDB
  • SQLite
  • Apache Cassandra, etc
Experience with version control and CMS tools

Automation also plays an essential role when scouting JavaScript developers. Thus, hire JS developers like ours who play day and night with version control facilities like GitHub, GitLab, etc. And knowledge plus a thorough understanding of content management systems (CMS) like WordPress is essential for the JS developer to create, deploy, and administer web apps/websites quickly and efficiently.

Hands-on with React & Redux

Facebook developed React to address the shortcomings noticed in Angular in 2015. Now, it has become one of the most trusted JS libraries. At the same time, Redux came to the market in 2015 to support the quick thereon to React, making the testing process a lot easier by helping fix, identify and remove bugs from apps. So in today's time, having hands-on React & Redux is very useful for a JS expert.

Communication Skills

Good technical skills are the foremost requirement to bridge both sides of web services - front end and back end. But, to make it all happen, developers in charge should have interaction skills to communicate effectively with teammates. Good communication is necessary for team-building and helps ensure quick and efficient workarounds to resolve critical issues.

Hire JS Developers from QL in 4 easy steps
You are providing the details on the skill set you need as a JavaScript Developer

Our first contact will be over a phone call to spin our heads around your requirements and understand the feasibility of your idea in the global market.

We find the best fit for you.

Once we clearly understand your requirements and a proper match in the skillset and your needs, you get a list of pre-vetted candidates within a few days

Meet your captain right away

When the above steps are over, we then move forward with scheduling interviews so that it's easy for you to communicate, meet, and select the best JavaScript developer you would like to work with and hand over your project details.

Begin with the development phase

Once the prerequisites are set, we let our developers build on your idea and create a minimum viable product (MVP) for you to test and gather feedback so that our developers can complete the project with minimal risks.

Our Hiring Funnel

The use of JavaScript in Web development/website development is at its all-time high and is a good choice for working software professionals. It offers an array of valuable tools, techniques, and frameworks that help reduce costs and increase productivity in developing a web app/website.,

Since users have moved on to smartphones and tablets, there's never been a more exciting time to launch your business idea using a website and a web app/mobile app.

Here is the way we hire JS developers for you:

Candidates screening

To help you spot the best JavaScript developers and select the most in-demand talent that will fit your company culturally.

Technical test

Our goal is simple - test knowledge and discover how they think. We assess JS developers by asking open JavaScript-related questions and then making them solve tricky problems.

Allowing JS developers to a test task

We verify to get it all clear whether the developer wants to contribute 5+ hours by making them go through rigorous tests. It helps us to judge the caliber of a developer.

Specific feedback

Once we're all satisfied with the developer's expertise, we humbly provide detailed feedback on both - the test task & the technical test.

Your options to engage with us

If you’re out for quality products and a reliable partner that can do more than you ask for, our team can quickly uphold the high standards you've set for us.
Here are the two best options and, feel free to go with the one that makes the most sense to you:

Dedicated Team

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    Suited for long-term Projects

  • right tick, White tick

    Assured No. of Working Hours

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    Agile Method Followed

  • right tick, White tick

    Monthly Payments with Fixed Service Costs

Pay as You Go

  • right tick, White tick

    Suited for short to mid-term Projects

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    Urgency Based Working Hours

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    Agile Method Followed

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    Monthly Payments as per the agreed hourly rates

FAQs To Hiring JavaScript Developers

Below are the simple steps while hiring Java developers:

  • Providing details on the project requirement
  • Discussion of the project
  • Selection of the development team
  • Payment details for the project
  • The deadline of the project
  • We offer a range of solutions in JS. Ask for any software applications; our JS developers can build that with more unique and advanced features. Some of our top JS services are:

  • Desktop GUI apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Web apps
  • Embedded Systems
  • Web servers
  • Enterprise software applications, and more.
  • In most cases, it is a big No! And it's not even mandatory to do so. All you need is to submit a project request with no budget details. But if you share it with us, it becomes easier for us to move things forward quickly since we can better understand your expectations.

    This is very hard to answer since it involves various factors. But to make things easy for you, the price will be higher if you're out and looking for a superior website/web app with more advanced features. While if you wish to have an app with the essential functionalities, the price will surely go down.


    Technologies we Employ and Utilize

    Quokka labs leverage modern technologies to deliver scalable and robust solutions for digitizing your business.

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    Here’s a collection of our Prime projects

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    Edukyte is one of the largest free online course providers for coaching related to prestigious national level competitive exams like UPSC.


    MNRE Street Light

    MNRE brings the different administrative offices about solar light installations. Through this mobile and web app, they obtain one solution for everything. This portal can help in application setup, communication, and monitoring.


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    What our Clients have to say About us


    Overall, I had a very positive experience, with the company showing great care and responsiveness in their work. We hired the company to build a more user-friendly platform for our races to manage the registration process. I found the company's genuine care and responsiveness to be the most impressive aspect.


    Ian Campbell

    Chief Executive Officer at Run The Day


    I had a great experience working with Quokkalabs, I hired Quokkalabs to design and develop a responsive and adaptive cross platform app. The team is responsive and attentive, understood my requirements, and developed the app to my specifications and needs. Design team came up with great design specs based on the needs and understanding the concepts. The elements they incorporated in picking the colors, fonts and style reflected the mood of the platform.


    Lohith Thaduru

    Founder at T3M Technology Corp


    The Quokkalabs team collaborated closely with our team on our cyber security mobile application on Android/iOS, seamlessly integrating into our R&D department. They consistently demonstrated high-quality work and a strong work ethic throughout the product development process, and we found that their team culture aligned well with ours.


    Ruchir Shukla

    Managing Director at Safehouse Tech


    Quokka Labs supports the client to have a working app. The team meets the client's requirements and adds value to their product. Quokka Labs has a wonderful design team and delivers work on time or before deadlines. The team answers the client's inquiries in a timely manner.


    Jeff Gillis

    CEO, Winelikes


    Quokkalabs has delivered everything on time and according to the client's specifications. Accommodating and reliable, they maintain a consistent communication cadence and are quick to attend to all of the client's needs. They remain transparent, professional, and personable.


    Allan Restrepo

    Founder, StarFarm


    The team delivered a stable app ahead with increased uptimes, communicating effectively with the internal team. Quokka Labs treated/tackled the project problems as if they were their own. They endeavored to improve features and always keep the end-users in mind.


    Faisal Mahmod

    Founder RadioBuzz



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