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Quokka Labs is an Indian software development company. We have written this Privacy Policy to make sense of our online information/data assurance practices. This Policy explain what data we will gather when you visit our websites and subsidiary sites at

We additionally gather your information when you send an email, fill in our contact form or apply for employment through our Website. This Policy frames how we accumulate the data, how we use it, and how you, the information subject, have some control over our use of this information. We also explain our use of cookies and any limitations on our liability.

We gather, use, store and secure your data according to the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) on data protection & privacy provisions in the European Union and the European Economic Area adopted on 14 April 2016 and in force from 25 May 2018. Before you use our Website, we urge you to know our Policy and details. It outlines the degree of utilization of your information. It’s part of our Terms of Use. We will periodically refresh this policy and our Terms and urge you to read them regularly.

If you have any inquiries or questions about our GDPR compliances or Policy, reach us at

Table of contents

Introduction that we collect from you

We gather two sorts of data when you or your end users use our software. The primary kind of data is separately recognizable data, to be specific data that distinguishes an individual or may, with reasonable effort, recognize an individual ("Personal Information"), which incorporates the following:

  • We might gather contact data (counting personal information) from you when you register on our site, subscribe, register for an occasion, respond to a survey or fill out a form. Kindly survey our site's protection policy to learn about our privacy practices concerning the Client's Personal Information.
  • When you permit us (or our trusted third-party service providers) to accept your end users' input and feedback concerning software ("Feedback"), we might assemble Personal Information which might incorporate the following: email address of the end user, end user's complete name, end user's IP address, and the client's email. Moreover, we might gather personal information that your end user intentionally shares with us when he sends us feedback, e.g., recognizing content, pictures, etc.
  • To give a portion of our software as a service ("SaaS") product, we will gather metadata of your end users, including IP addresses, MAC addresses, user agents, identifiers given by the Client, way of records, and document names. Under specific privacy guidelines, some of this metadata may amount to Personal Information.
  • The second sort of data is unidentified and non-recognizable data relating to you or your end Users, which might be made accessible or accumulated through your use of the Software ("Non-Personal Information"). We need to find out the user's identity from which the non-personal information was gathered.
  • Non-Personal Information which is being collected may include usernames, directory names, server names, share names, file names, configurations, logs related to Software and Client (e.g., event logs), browsing events, and technical information transmitted by your device or your End Users’ devices, including specific software and hardware information (e.g., the type of browser and operating system the device uses, language preference, access time and the domain name from which you or your End Users are linked to the Software; etc.).
  • What's more, when you permit us (or our third-party co-ops) to accept your end users' feedback as to Software, we might assemble Non-Personal Information, which might include the following: feedback rating, feedback labels, feedback text, program type, and language, working framework, viewport of the screen, page URL on which the feedback has been given, a screenshot of the screen on which feedback was given with all textual strings redacted, and our clients.

How do we use the information?

In addition to the purposes listed herein, the data we collect, which may include your Personal Information, is used for legitimate business purposes only, such as:

  • To set up your account and to provide our services to you and your End Users.
  • To identify and verify End Users’ access to the Software.
  • To obtain End Users’ Feedback concerning the Software.
  • To support and troubleshoot our Software and respond to queries.
  • To investigate violations and enforce our policies, as required by law, regulation, or other governmental authority, to comply with a subpoena or similar legal process or respond to a governmental request.

We use Personal Data only to the extent required while maintaining your right to privacy.

Your rights as a date subject

You additionally have privileges under this Policy. They include the right to:

  • Inquire about data :

    You can request info on what data we are keeping, why we are keeping it, and how we are utilizing it.

  • View your data :

    You reserve the privilege to see the information we have stored about you. You can guarantee the data is exact and that we involve the data legitimately.

  • Update or correct the data :

    If our information is mistaken or obsolete, you might demand a rectification. We will check and update later on also.

  • Erase your information :

    You might demand the erasure of your data, assuming there is no exact requirement for us to hold it. You can likewise request erasure when you practice your entitlement to processing.

  • Object to handling :

    This term alludes to a circumstance where your conditions make you reluctant or unable to agree to the retention and transmission of your data. In any event, when we have a genuine interest in keeping it. You may likewise utilize this option to restrict the degree of our transmission and sharing of your information. For example, you might protest our sharing of your information with explicit corporate or government elements.

  • Object to automated decision-making :

    We utilize individual information to lead automatic decision-making based on the personal profiles of our visitors. You might protest this utilization of your data. You may likewise request that we erase your profile.

  • Suspend our handling :

    You might demand a suspension of our use of your information in light of multiple factors. For example, to survey your data to guarantee we're utilizing it legitimately or consistently with this Policy, you can demand a suspension of our utilization while you research.

  • Request your information :

    You might request us to send your profile in a usable electronic format whenever you need it. You may request that we transfer or communicate this profile to a third party of your decision. The information should be in a usable electronic format.

  • Pull out your consent :

    Whenever you might request that we quit gathering, handling, or communicating your data. We will shut down all assortment, handling, and transmission upon request. We will stop or suspend this handling and variety for any reasons you initially consented to, except if we have a genuine, lawful financial interest in proceeding to utilize your data.

We might demand extra data to guarantee your privacy. We will do such to ensure you are the approved proprietor of this data and reserve the privilege to see it or pull out assent. This safety effort shields your data from unlawful exposure to individuals who don't reserve the option to see it.

If you want to exercise any of these rights, please email us at We typically respond in a week.

How do we protect your data?

  • We utilize strict security conventions to safeguard all private information we hold and transmit. We use severe safety efforts against fraudulent utilization of this information. Our capacity and transmission strategies are intended to forestall every individual profile's unlawful replicating, destruction, change, or debasement
  • We will store your information on our servers or the servers of our members. Website composition might share this information on the cloud storage systems we trade with our clients, third parties, service providers, subsidiaries, and affiliates.
  • To decide how long we will keep your data, we think about the kind, amount, and nature of your data. Our conventions guarantee varying degrees of safety efforts that rely upon the sensitivity of this information. We will just save your information and process it for a long essential to meet our business and different commitments.
  • We might keep individual information when we must do so by legitimate and administrative commitments. Because of a fair or standard case, we will utilize your information depending on the situation to meet our lawful and legally binding obligations. Your data might assist us with handling reactions to charges and complaints. When we have met these legally binding commitments, we will safely obliterate your information.
  • We will retain your records when we are expected to do such by regulation or administrative necessities. We might process and transmit your data when essential to take measures that prevent fraud and corruption.

We might use your information when essential to practice or guard our legal privileges, give data connected with an examination, or follow other legal procedures.

How we use cookies

  • When you visit our Websites, we may place cookies and other codes on your devices and browsers. These codes, aggregately known as "cookies," may also appear on inconsequential sites you visit. Cookies assist with further developing the user/client experience, smooth out your internet perusing, customize your profile, and, in any case, improve your experience as a website visitor.
  • Cookies are simple, text-based records. They don't hold expressly recognizing data, yet they might contain connections to put away private profiles and different sources of individual information. Cookies grant us to dissect our Websites, check our advertising draws, comprehend our visitor's patterns, and enhance our websites' security.
  • Our websites utilize three distinct sorts of Cookies.

  • Functional Cookies :

    It's conceivable to explore a website and utilize its highlights, including contact buttons and secure site segments. They empower account executives and email memberships. Functional cookies are the stray pieces of any site. You might perceive functional cookies from extensions like SID, wp-settings-X, and wp-settings-time-X.

  • Analytical Cookies :

    This permits web specialists to gather and quantify webpage visitors' data. These cookies identify and check the number of guests/visitors a website gets, where they come from, what capabilities they utilize the most, and other details. You might perceive analytical cookies by the extensions like 1_P JAR, _ga, and _gid.

  • Third-party Cookies/Outsider Cookies :

    We utilize these cookies to check your utilization of outsider websites that might be associated with us. They permit our outsiders to prevent and dissect their promotion reactions, guest data, client experience, and other data. Our outsiders depend on these cookies to screen the security and usefulness of their websites. You might perceive third-party cookies from the extensions cookie like sb, wd, and xs.

Quokka Labs may also use Persistent Cookies or Session Cookies. A persistent cookie remains on an internet browser until it reaches a predetermined expiration date. Users may remove it before that date. A session cookie expires as soon as you end your engagement on a specific website. Various session cookies expire as soon as you close your browser.

Please contact us if you have questions about our cookies and how long we retain them.

Controlling the Appearance and Retention of Cookies

  • You can control the presence of Cookies by changing settings on your program/browser. Chrome, Edge, Explorer, Firefox, and Safari all have settings that lessen or dispense with the presence of cookies. You can change your browser settings to erase a portion of our cookies. It is additionally conceivable to erase all cookies and keep new ones from appending to your online browsing.
  • Erasing or blocking cookies may often slow down your browser and keep you from using a website's capabilities.

Third-party collection of information

  • Our arrangement addresses our utilization and exposure of individual data from you and your End Users through the Software. To the degree that you or your End Users unveil your data to different parties through the Software, various standards might apply to their utilization or disclosure of the uncovered data.

Your acceptance of this policy & terms

If you are using our website, you. Also, signify your acceptance of this privacy policy. And assuming you disagree with the procedure, you can proceed, but we can not promise data security. Your continued use of the Quokka Labs site following the sharing of changes to this privacy policy will be deemed your acceptance of those updates and changes.

Amendments to this privacy policy

We can update our privacy policy at any time. And when we make any corrections, we will drop the updated date on the page. We urge our users to regularly check the page for any changes to remain informed about the steps we take to safeguard the personal data we collect. Thus, we consider that you acknowledge and agree that it's your responsibility to check and review the privacy policy regularly and become aware of the updates and modifications.

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